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    Today I had my first fall off Bobby, and my first fall in about 6 years!

    We were on a hack and he literally moved to the side and I wasn’t paying attention and slipped off!

    However I now feel weirdly confident! I was fine, Bobby was fine, I got back on, and we carried on along our hack 😄

    I feel like it’s not the end of the world anymore to fall off, yippee!

    Anyone else had this happen?

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    Hi, I didn’t have it when I fell off but I remember once being bucked and although I flew in the air I didn’t come off. It happened a few times and I thought, I can sit to this I’m ok!

    He was a 17hh 5yr old we had (I’ll say received) unhandled, no rugs on, no halters etc as a 4yr old. He had a mind of his own but with time and patience he was great.

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    Heather Wallace

    I’ve had that happen occasionally! One of my funniest memories was riding on this super sensitive horse on the trails. The lead horse spooked at a fallen tree, which set my horse off. She literally just sidestepped completely. One second I was on her, the next I was rolling. I somehow rolled and jumped up in a classic gymnastic “stick it” pose and started laughing. That may have been my last graceful fall!

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    Rhonda Lane

    This is why I only take lessons and don’t hack alone. (I don’t own a horse.) I fell when I was 14, and that was a very long time ago. I may be one of those Boomers reinventing aging, but time simply is not kind to bones. More recently, while dismounting, I fell backwards and made a “mud angel.” But, in the saddle, yoga helped my sense of balance, even though first half hour of warmups bores me.

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    Heather Wallace

    I once did the same and my horse looked at my like I was crazy. I had a good laugh and a HUGE bruise on my bum. Do you ever do yoga on horseback? Or just on the ground and then that helps your balance?

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    Rhonda Lane

    I’ve done regular hatha yoga on the floor and in a chair. (Chair yoga is pretty challenging.) I’d like to try yoga on horseback, though, someday. A local goat farm here offers “goat yoga.” If a stable has a flat area, I’d think yoga at a horse farm would be awesome. No horses loose and climbing on us, which is what everyone loves at goat yoga, but the horses can be nearby in their turnouts. Might be a good introductory “funnel” into the lesson program. Hmm.

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    Yes! I know exactly what your talking about been there lol. Not loosing confidence after a fall is such a glorious feeling! I am so happy for you all is well. Yay!

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    Helen thanks for the inspiration! I have a couple rambunctious colts to break this year you nailed it. Takes a ton of Patience!

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