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Gonzo’s 5th Birthday!

I can’t believe Gonzo is already 5 years old. His birthday was March 27th, and we had a great time celebrating. Where did the time go? He was so little.

A girl and her dog. Summer 2012.   
A girl and her dog. Summer 2012.

Biological Clock for Puppy

We rescued Gonzo when the twins were 18 months old. Yes, I must have been insane. But I don’t regret a second of it. I was away for the weekend when my sister sent me a photo of her new puppy. My biological puppy clock ticked- HARD. Hubby and I had discussed getting a dog after my cat passed away but having three kids in two years really complicated things and I hesitated.


I  knew that I was ready when I felt the pang at seeing my sister’s puppy. I proceeded to find out if he had siblings that needed rescue. 48 hours later, I’d browbeat my husband into the idea. Let’s be honest, I was a stay-at-home mom at the time. The onus was all on me for puppy training.


Husband on Board

I asked my sister to send me videos of the litter mates in their foster home. She lives in North Carolina so I was unable to meet them in person. Gonzo, AKA Champ, was the clear favorite of both my sister and I. I arranged through the foster to be vetted and interviewed by a local rescue and have the puppy transferred to New Jersey at my own cost. Basically my father volunteered to transport the cute, little pup.


Gonzo gets handmade birthday cards from his
Gonzo gets handmade birthday cards from his “sisters”.


Gonzo and his sisters have grown up together. Not always an easy situation and safety for both dog and children was imperative. But we can’t imagine our lives without him. He was a tough puppy, and he’s too smart for his own good. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy birthday, Gonzo. We love you.


Gonzo went on a car ride (his favorite) to The Dog Spaw for a special birthday cookie. 
Gonzo went on a car ride (his favorite) to The Dog Spaw for a special birthday cookie.


Do you want to know a little more about Gonzo and Beau? I love to share their stories and personalities. Rescue dogs are the best.



Do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?



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