Even Thoroughbreds have Lazy Days
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Even Thoroughbreds Have Lazy Days

Sometimes we have days when we just don’t feel like riding, and boy do I have an excuse for that. But sometimes even a thoroughbred can have a lazy day.

On Monday I went to go get Delight for our riding lesson. He is the beautiful, 16.2 hand OTTB (off-track thoroughbred) that I have been riding over the last year. The paddocks are starting to grow fresh grass and the flowers are blooming. Spring finally seems to have sprung. You would think the horses would be feisty.

We, sadly, found the opposite problem in the paddock today. It’s been beautiful in the evenings and some of the horses are out overnight. When we walked down the hill toward the far reaches of the paddock, this is the site we found.


Delight waits patiently for us to come to him.   
Delight waits patiently for us to come to him.


Delight sat here in the tall grass watching us patiently walk toward him. He’s always been very good about standing and waiting to be haltered. Never running away like some other horses I know.


But I am SOOOOO comfortable!   
But I am SOOOOO comfortable!

It was almost sad to halter him, he looked so comfortable. After some affection, we asked him to get up and this is what happened!

Nope, I just need a few more minutes.
Nope, I just need a few more minutes. Where’s the snooze button on this thing?


My trainer, Robin, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Have you ever seen an ex-racehorse so unlikely to move? I think this thoroughbred is broken. It took some coaxing and some patience but eventually Delight gave in and stood up, tiredly following behind us as we walked the long way to the barn.

Needless to say that my lesson was interesting. A lot of trying to convince an adolescent OTTB to move and getting a lot of attitude in the meantime. Cranky and tired make for a tough combination. I did learn a lot about being assertive though, so there is that!

He just makes me laugh. Who can be mad at that face?


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